Original title: Duende y misterio del flamenco
Production: Edgar Neville Producción; Suevia Films - Cesáreo González
Country: Spain
Director: Edgar Neville
Script: Edgar Neville
Photography: Heinrich Gärtner
Music: Enrique Granados
Cast: Antonio; Pilar López; Bernarda de Utrera; Fernando Rey
Year: 1952
Duration: 75
Genre: Arts documentary
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish
Keywords: Music, música


Journey through the history of flamenco singing and dancing. It shows, from their origin to the present day, all styles that have emerged.


Winner of an Award at Cannes Film Festival 1953: Edgar Neville

Winner of the Prize of the National Syndicate of Spectacle, 1952: Best Cinematography

Nominated to Grand Prize of the Festival, at Cannes Film Festival 1953: Edgar Neville

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