The eagle

The eagle

Original title: The eagle
Production: Art Finance Corporation
Country: United States
Director: Clarence Brown
Script: Hanns Kräly
Photography: George Barnes; Devereaux Jennings
Cast: Rudolph Valentino (Rodolfo Valentino); Vilma Banky; Louise Dresser; Albert Conti; James Marcus; George Nichols; Carrie Clarke Ward; Gustav von Seyffertitz; Gary Cooper
Year: 1925
Duration: 73
Genre: Silent films
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English intertitles
Subtitles: No


Vladimir Dubrouvsky, a lieutenant in the Russian army catches the eye of Czarina Catherine II. After he rejects her advances and flees, she puts out a warrant for his arrest, dead or alive. When he learns that his father has been persecuted and killed, he dons a black mask and becomes an outlaw.

Based on the novel Dubrovsky by Alexander Pushkin.

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