Carnival story

Carnival story

Original title: Carnival story
Production: King Brothers Productions; Westia Film
Country: United States
Director: Kurt Neumann
Script: Hans Jacoby; Kurt Neumann
Photography: Ernest Haller
Music: Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Cast: Anne Baxter; Steve Cochran; Lyle Bettger; George Nader; Jay C. Flippen; Helene Stanley; Ady Berber
Year: 1954
Duration: 95
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: Spanish
Keywords: Romance


 Willi works as a waitress in a circus, but she dreams of become an acrobat which she will achieve with the help of a coworker. But she gets involved in a love triangle from where she will not escape unharmed.

Co-production between USA and West Germany.

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