The power of darkness

The power of darkness

Original title: El poder de las tinieblas
Production: Productores Americanos
Country: Argentina
Director: Mario Sábato
Script: Ernesto Sábato; Mario Sábato
Photography: Leonardo Rodríguez Solís
Music: Víctor Proncet
Cast: Carlos Antón; Cristina Banegas; Leonor Benedetto; Rodolfo Brindisi; Franklin Caicedo; Aldo Barbero; Sergio Renán; Carlos Moreno; Nelly Prono; Osvaldo Terranova; Jorge D'Elía; Jorge De La Riestra; Graciela Dufau; Enrique Fava; Valentina Fernández de Ro
Year: 1979
Duration: 90
Genre: Thriller
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: English


 A man (Sergio Renán) has discovered a global conspiracy made by blind people, but he can not prove it or convince others. So he decides to write a report for the record, in case something happens. The main character travels dark places, as night, subways and basements.

Based on the chapter "Informe sobre ciegos" ("Report on the Blind"), from the novel On Heroes and Tombs, written by Ernesto Sábato.


 Nominated at the International Fantasy Film Festival, Fantasporto, 1982: Best Film

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