The phantom from 10,000 leagues

The phantom from 10,000 leagues

Original title: The phantom from 10,000 leagues
Production: Milner Brothers Productions
Country: United States
Director: Dan Milner
Script: Lou Rusoff
Photography: Brydon Baker
Music: Ronald Stein
Cast: Kent Taylor; Michael Whalen; Helene Stanton; Cathy Downs; Rodney Bell; Vivi Janiss; Michael Garth; Pierce Lyden
Year: 1955
Duration: 80
Genre: Horror
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Subtitles: No
Keywords: Science fiction, ciencia ficción, monster, monstruo


 A strange underwater monster is causing some deaths on a stretch of beach. This attracts the attention of scientist Dr. Ted Stevens (Kent Taylor) and government investigator William Grant (Rodney Bell), who want to know why the victims and their boats show signs of exposure to atomic radiation. Research shows that the suspect is an oceanographer.

Based on an original story by Dorys Lukather.

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