The fatal hour, or, Mr. Wong at headquarters

The fatal hour, or, Mr. Wong at headquarters

Original title: The fatal hour
Production: Monogram Pictures
Country: United States
Director: William Nigh
Script: Scott Darling; George Waggner
Photography: Harry Neumann
Music: Edward J. Kay
Cast: Boris Karloff; Marjorie Reynolds; Grant Withers; Charles Trowbridge; Frank Puglia; Craig Reynolds; Lita Chevret; Harry Strang; Hooper Atchley; Jason Robards Sr.; Richard Loo; Jack Kennedy
Year: 1940
Duration: 68
Genre: Police
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Subtitles: No
Keywords: Detectives, mystery, misterio, crime, crimen


 Mr. Wong investigates the murder of a police officer, nearly ending up murdered himself during a jewelry-store robbery. The principal suspect is Belden (Craig Reynolds), the son of a crooked businessman (John Hamilton) whose perfidy has apparently caused all the trouble.

Based on characters created by Hugh Wiley in the "James Lee Wong" short stories in Collier's magazine.

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