The most dangerous game, or, Hounds of Zaroff

The most dangerous game, or, Hounds of Zaroff

Original title: The most dangerous game
Production: RKO Radio Pictures
Country: United States
Director: Irving Pichel; Ernest B. Schoedsack
Script: James Ashmore Creelman
Photography: Henry W. Gerrard
Music: Max Steiner
Cast: Joel McCrea; Fay Wray; Leslie Banks; Robert Armstrong; Noble Johnson; Steve Clemente; James Flavin; William B. Davidson
Year: 1932
Duration: 63
Genre: Thriller
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish; English
Keywords: Horror, terror, adventures, aventuras


 The Count Zaroff is a crazy millionaire who lives on a lonely island and hunts the castaways like animals.

Based on a short story by Richard Connell.

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