King of the zombies

King of the zombies

Original title: King of the zombies
Production: Monogram Pictures
Country: United States
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Script: Edmond Kelso
Photography: Mack Stengler
Music: Edward J. Kay
Cast: Dick Purcell; Joan Woodbury; Mantan Moreland; Henry Victor; John Archer; Patricia Stacey; Guy Usher; Marguerite Whitten; Leigh Whipper; Jimmy Davis; Lawrence Criner
Year: 1941
Duration: 67
Genre: Horror
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: English
Subtitles: No
Keywords: Comedy, comedia, zombis, zombies


During World War 2, a small plane is blown off course by a storm. Guided by a faint radio signal, they crash on an island. The passenger, his manservant and the pilot take refuge in a mansion owned by a doctor. The easily-spooked manservant soon becomes convinced the mansion is haunted by zombies and ghosts.


 Nominated for an Oscar, at the Academy Awards 1942: Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic Picture (Edward J. Kay)

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