Whistle stop

Whistle stop

Original title: Whistle stop
Production: Nero Films
Country: United States
Director: Léonide Moguy
Script: Philip Yordan
Photography: Russell Metty
Music: Dimitri Tiomkin
Cast: George Raft; Ava Gardner; Victor McLaglen; Tom Conway; Jorja Curtright; Jane Nigh; Florence Bates; Charles Drake; Charles Judels; Carmel Myers
Year: 1946
Duration: 85
Genre: Crime
Color: BW
Original language: English
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish
Keywords: Film-noir, cine negro, drama


 Mary (Ava Gardner) returns to her small town after she becomes a success in the city. Meeting up with her old love, Kenny (George Raft), she discovers that he is still the unambitious, lazy man he was when she left, and she begins an affair with nightclub owner Lew Lentz (Tom Conway). When a jealous rivalry arises between Lew and Kenny, the results could be deadly.

Based on the novel by Maritta M. Wolff.

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