Death at dawn

Death at dawn

Original title: Muerte al amanecer
Production: Teide P.C.
Country: Spain
Director: Josep Maria Forn
Script: Josep Maria Forn; Mario Lacruz
Photography: Antonio Macasoli; Sebastián Perera
Music: Federico Martínez Tudó
Cast: Antonio Vilar; José María Rodero; Nadia Gray; Antonio Almorós; Pedro Porcel; Rafael Navarro; José María Caffarel; Vicente Soler; Howard Vernon
Year: 1959
Duration: 94
Genre: Thriller
Color: BW
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


 Virgilio Delise, a renowned conductor, gets involved in a complex murder plot. He is the prime suspect in a crime, he does not even remember committing. The police pursue him and, cornered, he seeks for answers. A journalist will help him in his research.

Based on the novel "El inocente", by Mario Lacruz.

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