Dark Buenos Aires, or, Black Buenos Aires

Dark Buenos Aires, or, Black Buenos Aires

Original title: Negro Buenos Aires
Production: Zip Films; 1971Cine; Edit Utopic; Televisió de Catalunya
Country: Spain
Director: Ramon Térmens
Script: Daniel Faraldo; Ramon Térmens
Photography: Pol Turrents
Music: Carles Cases
Cast: Francesc Garrido; Daniel Faraldo; Jordi Dauder; Natasha Yarovenko; Julieta Díaz; Lucila Solá; Lucinda Clare; Muriel Santa Ana
Year: 2008
Duration: 104
Genre: Thriller
Color: Color
Original language: Catalan
Languages available: Catalan
Subtitles: No


 Jordi Puigmartí is an executive man in a crisis, a Catalan businessman in quiet times who has to travel to Buenos Aires for a multimillion dollar contract with the Argentine government, in the period of the corralito. To do this, Puigmartí has to go through the upper echelons of a power without any moral or scruples. He meets a guy (Daniel Faraldo), who opens him the right doors, and his lover (Natasha Yarovenko), with whom he falls in love.


 Nominated to 2 Awards, at Gaudí Awards 2010: Best Film not in the Catalan Language; and, Best Art Direction (Tomas Voth, Sebastián Rosés, Maruxa Alvar)

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