The search

The search

Original title: La busca
Production: Surco Films
Country: Spain
Director: Angelino Fons
Script: Juan Cesarabea; Angelino Fons; Flora Prieto; Nino Quevedo
Photography: Manuel Rojas
Music: Luis de Pablo
Cast: Jacques Perrin; Emma Penella; Sara Lezana; Hugo Blanco; Daniel Martin; Lola Gaos; Coral Pellicer; Cándida Losada; María Bassó; María Elena Flores; Luis Marín; Fernando Sánchez Polack; Paul Ellis; Rafael Alcántara; José Carabias; José María Prada
Year: 1966
Duration: 92
Genre: Drama
Color: BW
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


 In 1900, Manuel leaves his village to move to Madrid, where he begins working as an errand boy in the same boarding house as his mother. He falls in love with a young seamstress, but after a series of setbacks he joins a gang of thieves.

Based on the novel by Pío Baroja.


 Winner of 2 CEC Awards, at Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 1967: Best Actress (Emma Penella); and, Best Director (Angelino Fons)

Winner of a Volpi Cup, at Venice Film Festival 1966: Best Actor (Jacques Perrin)

Nominated to a Golden Lion, at Venice Film Festival 1966: Angelino Fons

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