Zalacaín el aventurero

Zalacaín el aventurero

Original title: Zalacaín el aventurero
Production: Espejo Films
Country: Spain
Director: Juan de Orduña
Script: Manuel Tamayo
Photography: José F. Aguayo
Music: Juan Quintero
Cast: Margarita Andrey; Manuel Arbó; Pío Baroja; Olga Batalla; Harry Bell; José Bergia; María Rosa Burgués; Joan Capri; María Cañete; Modesto Cid ; José María Cossío; Arthur Duarte; Elena Espejo
Year: 1955
Duration: 95
Genre: Adventure
Color: BW
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


 Martin Zalacaín is a child born in a village called Urbía, away from civilization. He has grown up under the tutelage of Tellagorri, the owner of the tavern. Since childhood, Zalacaín has shown his love for freedom and the desire for adventure. In Urbía he meets Catherine, the youngest daughter of the Ohando family, and he falls in love with her. As he grows, we get to know the whereabouts of our hero and the changes of his destiny.

Based on the novel by Pío Baroja.

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