Bearn o la sala de muñecas

Bearn o la sala de muñecas

Original title: Bearn o la sala de muñecas
Production: Jet Films; Kaktus Producciones Cinematográficas
Country: Spain
Director: Jaime Chavarri
Script: Lola Salvador
Photography: Hans Burmann
Music: Francisco Guerrero
Cast: Fernando Rey; Ángela Molina; Amparo Soler Leal; Imanol Arias; Alfredo Mayo; Juana Ginzo; Concha Bardem; William Layton; Eduardo MacGregor; Elena Ceva; Mateu Grau
Year: 1983
Duration: 118
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


 Mallorca, 1865. There are held the funerals for the lords of Bearn, whose motto has always been "rather die than mixing my blood." The priest Juan Mayol, an orphan who doesn't know anything about his past, decides to reconstruct the history of this family.

Based on the novel by Llorenç Villalonga.


Warning: This movie may contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.


Winner of the Jury Prize, at Montréal World Film Festival 1983 : Jaime Chávarri

Winner of an Award, at Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 1984 : Best Actress (Amparo Soler Leal)

Winner of a Fotogramas de Plata 1984 : Best Movie Actress (Amparo Soler Leal)

Nominated to a Fotogramas de Plata 1984: Best Movie Actor (Imanol Arias)

Nominated to a Gold Hugo, at Chicago International Film Festival 1983 : Best Film


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