Girl with the golden panties

Girl with the golden panties

Original title: La muchacha de las bragas de oro
Production: Films Zodiaco Prozesa; Morgana Films; Proa Cinematográfica
Country: Spain
Director: Vicente Aranda
Script: Vicente Aranda; Santiago San Miguel; Mauricio Walerstein
Photography: José Luis Alcaine
Music: Manel Camp
Cast: Victoria Abril; Lautaro Murúa; Hilda Vera; Perla Vonasek; Pep Munné; Josep M. Lana; Palmiro Aranda; Consuelo de Nieva; Carlos Lucena; David Durán; Mercè Sans; Isabel Mestres; Raquel Evans
Year: 1980
Duration: 105
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


Luis, an aging Falangist author with guilty conscious, is writing fake memoirs. Two reporters, his niece Mariana and her lesbian friend Elmyr, arrive to do a piece on him. While fact-checking his memoirs Mariana becomes attracted to him.

Based on the novel by Juan Marsé.

Warning: This movie may contain nudity scenes. Viewer discretion is advised.

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