The beauty of the Alhambra

The beauty of the Alhambra

Original title: La bella del Alhambra
Production: Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematográficos (ICAIC); Televisión Española (TVE)
Country: Cuba
Director: Enrique Pineda Barnet
Script: Enrique Pineda Barnet; Miguel Barnet
Photography: Raúl Rodríguez
Music: Gonzalo Romeu; Mario Romeu
Cast: Beatriz Valdés; Omar Valdés; César Évora; Carlos Cruz; Isabel Moreno; Jorge Martínez; Verónica Lynn; Miguel Gutiérrez
Year: 1989
Duration: 108
Genre: Musical
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Subtitles: English


Havana, 1920. Rachel works as a chorus girl in a seedy marquee, where she is offered only one possibility: to be a prostitute. But she dreams to be the beloved wife of one man and to be a real artist. The Alhambra Theatre, a very peculiar place for single men will be her goal. Rachel, torn between love and fame, will become La Bella del Alhambra.

Based on the novel "Canción de Rachel", by Miguel Barnet.


Winner of a Goya Award 1990 : Best Spanish Language Foreign Film

Winner of an Award, at Havana Film Festival 1989 : Best Production Design (Derubín Jácome)

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