Original title: Andalucía
Production: Mille et Une Productions; MLK Producciones; Mallerich Films Paco Poch
Country: France
Director: Alain Gomis
Script: Alain Gomis
Photography: Benoit Chamaillard
Music: Patrice Gomis; Xavier Capellas
Cast: Samis Guesmi; Delphine Zinng; Djolof Mbengue; Bass Dhem; Axel Bogousslavsky; Abdelhafid Metalsi; Marc Martínez; Irene Montalà; Xavier Serrat
Year: 2007
Duration: 90
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: French
Languages available: French
Subtitles: Spanish


Yacine, a young Frenchman of Maghrebi origin, lives in the outskirts of Paris. Among the struggles of his neighborhood and the experiences of the great city, the contradictions of immigration and the need to grow and find his destiny.

Co-production between France and Spain.


Winner of 2 Awards, at Euroarabic Annual Film Festival, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2008: Best Director and Best Actor (Samir Guesmi)

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