To loneliness

To loneliness

Original title: A la soledat
Production: Valentí Films
Country: Spain
Director: José María Nunes
Script: José María Nunes
Photography: Raül Busquets
Music: Christiaan de Jong; Albert Bosch; Eugeni Bigas
Year: 2007
Duration: 84
Genre: Social documentary
Color: Color
Original language: Catalan
Languages available: Catalan-Spanish (mixed)
Subtitles: Spanish


Through his film To Loneliness, José María Nunes sets out to reach the age of the sun (hence the original title, Soledat, the synthesis of two words, sol/sun and edat/age), to connect with the most remote point of intelligence. Loneliness is the natural state to bond with it.

The statues in the streets, the characters in the theatre and the rest of the main characters display their wonderful experience of loneliness, the age of the sun.

Nunes, an intrepid filmmaker, takes the experimentation of the cinematographic language to its limits in every sense, and particularly in the screenplay, direction and editing.

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