Original title: Amigogima
Production: Valentí Films
Country: Spain
Director: José María Nunes
Script: José María Nunes
Photography: Joan Bibiloni; Carles Camps
Music: Muiños; Grupo Brioles
Cast: José María Blanco; Susana García Díez; Empar Rosselló; Martín Huber; Cristina Valentí; Emili Auguet; Manolo Gómez
Year: 2002
Duration: 102
Genre: Drama
Color: Color
Original language: Catalan
Languages available: Spanish-Catalan (mixed)
Subtitles: Spanish


A man cried out one day. He cried so his shout went far until it found a friend. It was when it had not yet occurred to him about the idea of time and for months he was thinking about the question of friendship. More and more frequently the people he knew came to his memory. And the first that appeared to him in the recall were three or four or five or six, or some other, that he met from time to time. It could be that his best friends have fallen into oblivion.


 Winner of an Award, at Barcelona Film Awards 2002: Best director

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