Hit and stay

Hit and stay

Original title: Hit and stay
Production: Haricot Vert Films
Country: United States
Director: Skizz Cyzyk; Joe Tropea
Script: Skizz Cyzyk; Joe Tropea
Photography: Skizz Cyzyk
Year: 2012
Duration: 99
Genre: Historic documentary
Color: Color
Original language: English
Languages available: English


 On May 17, 1968, nine Catholic activists entered a Selective Service office in suburban Catonsville, Maryland, dragged stacks of Draft Board records out into the parking lot, and set them on fire with homemade napalm. They then prayed, and waited to be arrested. In doing so, they kindled a wave of similar protests against the Vietnam War across the country that swept up dozens of participants and inspired thousands, and then millions. HIT & STAY, a documentary film by Joe Tropea and Skizz Cyzyk tells the story of the Nine and those who joined them in protesting the war.

Through interviews with many of the participants (as well as observers ranging from linguist political critic Noam Chomsky to historian Howard Zinn), HIT & STAY explores the early actions, the activists going to prison or going underground, the FBI’s pushback against the movement, and the ultimate victory of the protesters in the trial of the Camden 28.


Winner of Audience Choice Award, at the Chicago Underground Film Festival 2013

Winner of an Award, at the Sidewalk Film Festival 2013: Best Documentary


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