Original title: Revolución
Production: Fundación Grupo Ukamau
Country: Bolivia
Director: Jorge Sanjinés
Script: Jorge Sanjinés
Photography: Jorge Sanjinés
Music: Atahuallpa Yupanqui
Year: 1963
Duration: 10
Genre: Historic documentary
Color: BW
Original language: Spanish
Languages available: Spanish
Keywords: Bolivia


"Revolution" shows the miserable living conditions of a great majority of the inhabitants of Bolivia. Unemployment, inadequate nutrition, habitat, and infant mortality. References to workers' demonstrations and police repression to which they are subjected. "The people fight, fight for that sadness, for that shirt in pieces, for those dull eyes".


"Joris Ivens" Award - Leipzig Festival (1964)
Special Jury Prize - Viña del Mar International Film Festival (1963)
First prize - (Mérida, VENEZUELA 1968)

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